David is a brilliant designer. Whether it’s UX, UI, Story Design, Product Demo, or Brand and Marketing. He is always on-point and on-time. In addition to static designs, he flexed his story conception muscle with oolipo in pre-, production and post.
        He asks the right questions and doesn’t relent until all parties understand the task they've before them. He also pushed our culture and values forward, stressing communication and consistently. It’s a rare and much-needed trait that I wish more people had. As a CEO, I learned much from him and his work.

Ryan David Mullins, CEO

David did the visual design on my novel for smartphones, Jellybone. David immediately grasped what I was looking for visually for this complex and unusual multimedia project.
        His design sense is highly contemporary and innovative; he was great at finding quick solutions to design problems. He is responsive and intuitive as a designer — what more could a writer ask for?!

Kate Pullinger, Director
Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries Bath Spa University

David is talented, hard working and a versatile designer. He combines great typographic and practical design skills with a good mix creativity, exploration and rationale.
        A great person to collaborate with and his personality and professionalism make him a perfect creative lead. One thing to note: he strangely lives solely off Coffee and Bananas.

Matt Curtis, Art Director
Sunday Times Magazine

In my capacity as former Design Editor of The Times I am pleased to write this recommendation. During his time as Designer at Eureka Magazine David showed that he is not only a very talented and collaborative Designer but also very hard working to match the deadline of a monthly magazine.
        As part of the team he has played a significant role in winning the Gold medal for »Best of News Design« for Eureka at the 34th Edition of the Society for News Design. His experience and friendly personality make him a strong creative lead and I can highly recommend working with him.

Jon Hill, Creative Director & Partner
Tortoise Media